Thursday, March 28, 2013

Camera trapping - SN23 - Feb 11-17th 2013

The new camera traps are Ltl Acorn 6210s, and seemed to be fairly easy to set up via SD cards with the computer. 
We put three cameras out at Garreglwyd.  One was in woodland,  one in the corner of a field, and the last one one under a tray to attract small mammals (this was actually my Bushnell which I know works in this situation - while I tested the other new one at home).  The test buttons seemed to show everything working.

The results were disappointing.  The camera under the tray had recorded a woodmouse visiting at night, but the pictures were very over-exposed.  The other two cameras recorded nothing. 

The over-exposed pictures were easily remedied by switching the camera to video instead of photo - I'm not sure why it was switched to stills in the first place. 

The cameras that recorded nothing were checked, and it is likely that the sliding on-off switch wasn't in quite the right position, so this is something that needs to be double-checked whenever the cameras are deployed - not easy if the cameras are set close to the ground.

However, there were other mammals and amphibians to record on the site - fox, badger, rabbit, mole, and frog (lots of spawn)

Thanks for your help, Nick.

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