Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Camera trapping - SM81 - 23rd March - 1st April 2013

The weather was at least drier, although still cold and windy while the cameras were out at Foxhill.

The weasel box didn't attract anything - though we thought we'd got the ideal place for it next to a stone wall with lots of crevices.

The best bits from the other cameras are in the video below.  There are birds setting off the camera in the first part of the video though they may be too small to see in the video, in the second part a fox seems to agree that we had the camera looking at some interesting holes, while the last camera seemed to record a bit of everything.

Thanks to Paul and Jane for hosting the cameras.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Camera-trapping - SN01 - 18th -23rd March 2013

The forecast was for the kind of weather that no-one - man or beast - wants to be out in, so the cameras stayed in my garden for a few days.  They survived torrential rain, slushy hail and high winds.

One camera was set by a known rat run, but recorded only birds - the rats had been there before we went on holiday.  The second camera set by a trail behind the shed also recorded only birds.  I had expected that these cameras would have recorded the cats that frequent the garden at night - previous recording has shown that there are at least three of them.  But perhaps the weather kept them at home.

The Mostela was placed by a hedgebank, and was used by at least two bank voles, and a common shrew.

A fourth camera under a seed tray was placed a few feet from another hedgebank - the seed tray held down by a brick.  It was visited regularly, both night and day, by a bank vole.

Common shrew in the mostela