Monday, April 01, 2013

Camera-trapping - SN01 - 18th -23rd March 2013

The forecast was for the kind of weather that no-one - man or beast - wants to be out in, so the cameras stayed in my garden for a few days.  They survived torrential rain, slushy hail and high winds.

One camera was set by a known rat run, but recorded only birds - the rats had been there before we went on holiday.  The second camera set by a trail behind the shed also recorded only birds.  I had expected that these cameras would have recorded the cats that frequent the garden at night - previous recording has shown that there are at least three of them.  But perhaps the weather kept them at home.

The Mostela was placed by a hedgebank, and was used by at least two bank voles, and a common shrew.

A fourth camera under a seed tray was placed a few feet from another hedgebank - the seed tray held down by a brick.  It was visited regularly, both night and day, by a bank vole.

Common shrew in the mostela

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