Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brown Hare

Dark blue dots show records since 2000
Mid blue dots show records from 1990 - 2000
Light blue dots show records from before 1990
Hares are pretty scarce in Pembrokeshire, and mostly confined to the area between Newport and Cardigan, with a few scattered records elsewhere. So when I was walking along what turned out to be a defunct footpath on the Carmarthenshire border, I was thrilled to see a hare out in the open. He stood around for a while, so I got a good look at him, and then he turned and ran hell for leather towards the Carmarthenshire border!! I talked to the farmer who said that he saw hares regularly, and later to another farmer nearby who also said she saw hares regularly. So there seems to be a previously unrecorded population in the far east of the county.

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