Sunday, March 29, 2009


Dark blue dots show records since 2000
Mid blue dots show records from 1990 - 2000
Light blue dots show records from before 1990
Signs of otters can probably be found on every waterway and water body in the county, sightings of the actual animal are generally more scarce. Nevertheless, there have been regular sightings at Bosherston Lily Ponds, Westfield Pill, Nevern Estuary, and the weir at Haverfordwest. An increasing number of sightings are now coming from the coast.


barry potter said...

hi wondered if there are any updates on otter sightings since 2000

Bob & Annie said...

Quite a few otter sightings, especially around the coast. I'm currently working on updating the database and maps. Sorry I've been so busy that this has been neglected.