Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slow Worm

Dark blue dots show records since 2000
Mid blue dots show records from 1990 - 2000
Light blue dots show records from before 1990
Widespread, and probably very under-recorded. They will bask under corrugated or flat sheets that get the sun during the day, so a careful lifting (and even more careful replacement) of any such sheet may reveal one of these legless lizards.


Mark C. said...

Dead one found on roadside in Hook 07/08/09 9pm. I emerged from Hook woods through a sprung-latch gate, turned right and found it within a few paces. The next entrance to the west has an info panel about the SSSI and (safer!) paths to Little Milford.

P&R Royle said...

Small individual found in the rubbish bin at the Coronation Hall in Dale on May 25th 2009. It was released unharmed (how had it got there??)and set off enthusiastically across the open grass ignoring all the shrubs and shelter.


Cris R said...

1st slow worm of the year,today Wednesday 9th March at Llanstadwell.
Small (6 in) under brass tray in garden.